Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev as a Good Alternative to Kiev Hotels

At present guests of the capital, especially foreign visitors, prefer luxurious apartments at Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, which have author’s design, two bathrooms, equipped with up-to-date multimedia and household appliances, and furnished with stylish and comfortable new furniture. A differential peculiarity and main advantage of such apartments is their uniqueness and rent rate. Kiev market of daily apartment rent is developing rapidly, which is proved by a great number of queries of “Daily rent apartments in Kiev” in the Internet. Shortage of hotel rooms may be compensated by daily rent apartments in Kiev. The Ukrainian capital provides over four thousand apartments of enhanced comfort at the moment.

Apartments with the rent rate of $130-180 have the most popularity among all other apartments, provided for daily rent in Kiev. For this small money you get a comfortable apartment for rent at your disposal, located in a good part of Kiev.

Daily rent apartments in Kiev, like in any other city or town, have various rent rates, depending upon lots of reasons.

Similar to hotels, Kiev apartments for rent get their “stars”, depending upon their quality and location in the city. The “star” level of the rent apartment means the quality of accommodation, and the level of convenience it provides; but this principle is hard to be applied in the capital, because it is rather difficult to determine the number of stars. Economy class apartments usually have all necessary things for staying there. The rent apartment is repaired (sometimes not), has a required set of furniture and household appliances.

Rent apartments in Kiev, belonging to Standard class may not differ much from the economy class. The difference is mainly in the size of the rent apartment, or in its more exquisite furniture. We should emphasize that the average daily rent rates for the apartments of economy or standard class do not differ much from the apartments of higher class. You may see it on your own, just looking at our catalog, which has apartments of luxury class, located in presentable parts of the Ukrainian capital. So why should you miss comfortable accommodation, if the rent rate is almost the same for business class and VIP apartments for daily rent?

Business class Kiev apartments for rent are completely different from lower class rent apartments. When you rent such apartment from our company, you get excellent interior design, high-quality household and multimedia appliances, stylish contemporary furniture, as well as digital television and other amenities.

Daily rent apartments in Kiev of VIP class imply apartments with capital and often design repair, which have modern stylish furniture, new ultramodern multimedia and household appliances, located in the picturesque region in the center of Kiev; the house, where the rent apartment is situated, has convenient parking and a secured front door with a good looking riser of blocks.

Window view has importance as well

Foreign tourists and businessmen, contrary to domestic tourists, pay special attention to the window view of the daily rent apartment. Usually they prefer apartments in the historical center of Kiev, and set very high demands to daily rent apartments. Our Kiev apartments for rent meet demands of even the most exacting clients; the proofs to this are lots of feedbacks about our company.

We should mention the fact that our rent apartments have nice views at historical sites, and, therefore, are in great demand. Such rent apartments are usually located in the center of the capital. Besides historical monuments, this part of the city includes lots of various boutiques, restaurants, beauty salons, and entertainment complexes. Daily rent apartments in Kiev in the very center of Kiev from the company “Luxury Apartments” are affordable for everyone, because we provide our own apartments. We are not intermediaries, and do not make the rates high, as some companies do. Besides, rent rate of our apartments does not depend upon the time of moving into the rent apartment.

If you, due to some reason, simply forget or have no time to rent a daily rent apartment for your staying in the capital, do not worry much. We will try our best and find an optimal variant for you, even if you arrive in Kiev late at night. You may stay in the offered apartment at once. Besides accommodation comfort, you may have additional services, like transfer and sightseeing.