Rent Apartment in Kiev: is Bargaining Appropriate?

You could not even dream of getting a discount some months ago. But now the situation at the real estate market is completely different, and it is not a problem at all to make a deal with the apartment owner on getting some discount. We should emphasize that the rent rate in “Luxury Apartments” is always affordable without any discounts because we do not increase the rates, as we own these apartments for rent in Kiev. We have only current acting prices in our catalog, and you may see it on our own.

A search request like “rent apartment in Kiev”  gives lots of variants on the price offers. Is it really possible to get a discount for renting an apartment in the Ukrainian capital? The demand is outgrowing supply at the capital market of daily rent, as well as of long term rent, and other sectors of real estate market. In recent time the number of daily apartment rent in Kiev has increased greatly. The choices of the renters are only limited by their demands, as well as their financial status.

Therefore, even if the owner does not wish to decrease price on the apartment for rent, you may always find a similar accommodation at a more favorable price. Now there is almost one hundred per cent likelihood of getting a discount from the owner of the rent apartment in Kiev. The discount size may vary from 5 to 10% in the economy segment, and from 10 to 15% in the VIP class segment.

Good apartments usually have a well balance rent rate, so the discount seldom exceeds 5 %, as the practice shows.

Of course, there are owners, who discount 30% and more, but as a rule, such accommodation is located in not a very good part of the city, has no interior design, or is limited in household appliances. Such a big discount may mean a big initial overrating of the rent rate.

Owners of business class or elite apartments often provide discounts. The owner of the rent apartment in Kiev will unlikely make an additional discount for renting, if the rent rate is rather affordable, excluding cases when the apartment has been vacant for a long time, or he/she needs money badly. If the owner has just placed the apartment for rent in Kiev, you should not expect for any discount. The discount will hardly be provided in case the apartment you choose is in great demand. All this is a natural result, because all owners would like to get maximum profit from the exploitation their property.

In case the apartment has not been rented for a long time, it is very easy to rent it with a discount. The owner of the rent apartment in Kiev may not want to discount, but in this case he/she may not rent an apartment at all and lose even more.

“No bargaining” is often used by the owners of the popular economy class apartments. Does this small discount cost your convenience? Comparison of rates for daily rent apartments of the economy class, located in the center, provided by capital agencies, from VIP or luxury apartments in the same region, provided by us, is not in favor of agencies, of course. So is there any sense to refuse from comfort?

All our apartments, offered by the providing service of “Rent apartment in Kiev“, are in excellent condition, have a pleasant interior, and author’s fresh design. All our apartments are packed with all necessary household and multimedia appliances of well-known trademarks, as well as have cable and digital television, telephone, and Internet access. The main peculiarity of our rent apartments is their favorable location in the very center of Kiev, very close to the main places of interest and entertainment for the visitors of the Ukrainian capital.

You may always rent one-, two-, three- or four room rent apartments at rather affordable rates. Besides, apartment drawbacks may affect the rent rate of the apartment.

A disadvantage of the apartment is a real addition to your discount.

If the rent apartment is located in an inconvenient place, and you should use public transport to get there, there is a good chance of getting a good discount. Presence of a noisy street, a market, or some industrial area near the apartment may also affect the rent rate, decreasing it. You may also ask for a discount in case the house is far from the shops, pharmacies, and kindergartens.

In case a rent apartment in Kiev has not been repaired for a long time, or it is situated on the last floor, or has uncomfortable layout, you may count upon some discount. Lots of owners may provide a discount in case your method of payment is convenient for them, as well as the period of payment.

Your discount depends upon how you conduct negotiations

It is always recommended to negotiate with the owner personally, if you are interested to get a discount for the accommodation. There is no unique recipe for conducting negotiations. As a rule it usually takes place like this: “Do you want 180? I can rent it for 120 only…and eventually the deal is 150″.

Avoid making hasty decisions by taking the first met offer at renting an apartment. Study all proposals of the service “Rent apartment in Kiev“, compare the quality of different variants and their cost, have some patience, and you will get a variant, which is good for you on all characteristics. And we will help you in this business with great pleasure. Just call us right now, and we will choose the most attractive variant for you, because there are more than enough apartments in our database.