Why is it More Preferable to Rent an Apartment in Kiev for Daily Rent Even for Wealthy People?

Apartment in Kiev for rent is always a load for your budget, but even despite this fact there are more and more people, who wish to rent an apartment in Kiev. Moreover, renters are interested in temporary accommodation in all sectors of a real estate market in the Ukrainian capital. Some researches have determined that in some cases it is more beneficial and economic for the budget to rent an apartment in Kiev than to purchase our own one.

Why does Kiev apartment rental attract people so much?

Let us consider, for example, accommodation for the economy class representatives. A monthly pleasure of renting a one-room rent apartment may be up to 2.000$ per month. And if the apartment is located in a favorable region, your daily rent may cost you up to 200$ per day. It will be a rather big amount, if you rent such daily rent apartment in Kiev for a long term. But even in such conditions it is more attractive for the youth to rent an apartment at such price than to find money for own accommodation. At taking this decision various factors are considered, the main of which are the following: constant rate of inflation in the country, and constant growth of square meter cost in the Ukrainian capital. Besides, we cannot deny that mortgage credit conditions of domestic banks are very shocking, so they are not affordable for the majority of the Ukrainians.

As for the number of renters, the segment of business class residential property market is almost as demanded as one of the economy class. There are lots of people, who want to rent an apartment in Kiev on the daily basis, as well as for a longer period of time. Offices of the capital are constantly renewed with the best experts from various regions of the country. Thus, Kiev rent apartments are never empty. The companies invite programmers, sportsmen, top managers to work for them. Every earnest company rents a business class apartment for the employees at the time of the job contract.

In the majority of cases companies rent apartments on the long-term basis, and accommodate their employees in them. There is a peculiar hotel principle: while some employees move out at the time of contract termination, others move in. Every participant gets a benefit from this course of events. The apartment owner gets permanent income without unproductive standstill period. The company-renter gets very favorable renting conditions, and the invited employee solves the problem with the accommodation in a strange city, and may work without considering any household problems. Rent rate still remains one of the concerns of renters. In order to rent an apartment in Kiev on the daily basis, you will have to spend 200-300$ per day or 6000-9000$ per month for a long-term rent of a business class apartment.

There are several factors, due to which even wealthy people refuse to purchase accommodation and prefer renting apartments. The thing is that the renting cost of accommodation of luxury or VIP class in the center of Kiev for a certain period of time is equal to the similar accommodation, but located in the bedroom district on the outskirts of Kiev. Wealthy customers are usually interested in high-status apartments, which are located in the most prestigious districts of the capital, and therefore, they will unlikely be attracted to dwell on the outskirts.

Besides, you will need to have high quality remodeling according to your taste, and pack the apartment with all necessary things, including furniture, hygiene equipment etc. All this will cause a great spending of energy, nerves, time, and, last but not least, finances. Everybody knows what kind of remodeling fits for the wealthy ones, when the price of remodeling increases the value of accommodation by several times. On top of that you may also add the expenses for registration, as well as yearly maintenance of the accommodation. As a rule, wealthy people are very good at counting. Full value for the VIP apartment in Kiev varies from several thousand dollars to millions, therefore, clients of this Kiev market segment suggest that Kiev apartment rental is more profitable instead of buying an apartment. Renting of such class apartment in Kiev will cost up to 220$ per day.

What characteristics should the apartment for rent have?

In recent years apartment renters have greater and greater demands to the apartments for rent. The apartment should be conveniently located, have nice furniture; the house, where the apartment is located, should have security, parking and other things. The apartment should have modern household appliances, Internet etc. However, every category of renters sets specific requirements to the rented accommodation.

The main demand for the economy class clients is that location of the apartment should be close to the metro station. Besides, the apartment for rent should be equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture. It should have a bed, a wardrobe for clothes and linen, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a TV set.

Business class clients, certainly have greater demands for the accommodation they choose. Besides a usual set of the economy class, the list should include parking, Internet, and digital television. People, who arrived in Kiev to work on contract basis, usually do not have any desire to get involved into multiple household problems after work. They want to have a descent rest, see historical monuments of the ancient city, or just walk around the city for pleasure or shopping. Therefore, such clients usually prefer an apartment in central parts of Kiev. If the apartment is concluded on the long-term basis, some renters prefer an empty apartment, which can be designed to their own taste and furnished with their own furniture.

It usually happens that renters of VIP class have very high requirements and excessive nicety. The main requirement of such clients is presence of twenty-four-hour security with surveillance cameras and strict access control, as well as a convenient private parking, which is secured as well. Elite clients demand to have elite hygiene equipment, multimedia, high-speed Internet, and high quality telecommunication. “Luxury Apartments” will save worries of the clients, and help to rent a daily rent apartment in Kiev, which should correspond to any, even the most exacting demands of the client. Our base comprises of over 180 apartments of VIP and luxury class. All our apartments for Kiev apartment rental have unique and exquisite interior, are equipped with elite ultramodern multimedia, and household appliances, as well as utilities; the house has a parking, secured twenty-four hours a day. As a rule, clients prefer to get additional services, apart from the listed requirements, including maintenance support of the apartment, chambermaid or housemaid, transfer, food delivery etc.

At such a great range of services and comfortable household conditions, it is more attractive to rent an apartment in Kiev than to buy own accommodation.