Daily Kiev Apartment Rental for Euro 2012

In two weeks we will meet March, and this means that about three months are left until European Football Championship 2012 (Euro 2012). Everyone is in expectation of this outstanding event at the moment.

Euro 2012 is not only stadiums. It is also airports, public transport, as well as hotels.

Rather strict demands are set to these indispensable constituents. The problem with the stadiums is already solved at the moment. As the director of EURO 2012 in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky said, all stadiums in Donetsk, Kharkov, Kiev, and Lvov are completely ready for the meeting of tournament guests. As for the accommodation of football tourists and fans, no big problems are expected.

It is worth to mention that UEFA President Mr. Michel Platini sets very strict requirements to the number and quality of the hotel rooms in all cities, which take part in Euro 2012. Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, and Kharkov feel some lack of hotels facing the tournament. Increase of the number of hotel rooms is not always possible to get by means of constructing new hotels because of the shortage of investors. Volunteers to build hotels did not line up, despite all promises of the authorities to secure perfect conditions for potential investors.

There are too many unsolved questions. The government planned to construct 17 two- and three-star, 10 four-star, and 7 five-star hotels in Kiev. But analyzing the situation, we come to the conclusion that these plans will stay as plans only; so daily rent Kiev apartment for Euro 2012 will be popular for the guests of the championship. For the preparation to Euro 2012 the authorities have allocated over 125 billion of hryvnias; besides, the most part was intended to be received via foreign investors. But there were lots of obstacles on the way as usual. To build a hotel, you need to visit different authorities to collect about 250 various signatures. More than 300 days are necessary for planning and constructional design, and 200 days will be taken by the issues of land acquisition for the construction. And the construction itself will require about a year. All this has frightened our foreign investors.

As a result it became clear that the government is unable to provide the necessary number of rooms for the guests, but has chosen another way, which is to attract rent Kiev apartment owners and companies, engaged in daily rent, for the accommodation of championship guests. Due to this Euro 2012 all apartments and hotels have been united under a single project called “Hospitable Accommodation 2012″. This objective of the project is to accommodate football fans with the provision of a full range of all possible services for them.

It is not for nothing that Kiev is considered to be a cultural and political, as well as business capital of Ukraine. Business activity in Kiev is very high, as a result of which the capital is visited by hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs every day. Moreover, thousands of tourists visit Kiev in order to get acquainted with well-known tourist attractions, and often they just wish to relax or to change the surroundings. Thus, a big inflow of tourists in Ukraine is expected from June 8 to July 1, during conduction of “Euro 2012″.

The lion’s share of the tourist inflow is expected to be in the cities, which hold football match games, and especially in Kiev.

Considering the fact that the majority of Kiev hotels are four and five star-hotels, the rate of the room rent in them will be twice or three times more expensive than in other hotels; and during Euro 2012 the prices will be much higher, so that not everyone will be able to afford staying there. That is why Kiev apartment rental service will be greatly demanded for Euro 2012. Besides, everyone knows that the number of stars of the hotel does not always correspond to the real quality of services provided. We also have various economy class hotels, but foreign visitors, who got used to comfort, will be hardly satisfied with the service level, so they will not be in great demand in foreigners.

During Euro 2012 Kiev apartment rental service will be a nice alternative variant to Kiev hotels. Professional companies, engaged in the apartment rent at the capital market of rendering apartment rental services, will be able to provide services, which are highly competitive with the hotel ones, or even better in some cases. As for the rent rate, the apartments in the company with 10-year experience, for example, “Luxury Apartments”, will be much cheaper during Euro 2012 than 4-5-star hotel rooms.

Besides attractive prices, Kiev apartment rental provides a wide range of services for Euro 2012. Among them are as follows: transfer, cleaning, laundry, delivery of food, on-line booking, sightseeing programs etc. Every our client will get individual attention, which cannot be provided by the hotel in that championship turmoil.

Rent Kiev apartment for Euro 2012 has a more considerable advantage over hotels, and makes your life more comfortable during your stay in the Ukrainian capital. For less expenses but the same security level you will get maximum conveniences and personal independence. In case you are interested in Kiev apartment rental service for Euro 2012, you may always turn to our company. We may offer over a hundred of own apartments, which are located close to the main places of interest, including Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Khreschatyk, and Sofia Square. In the neighborhood you’ll find the best places of entertainment in Kiev, as well as banks and business centers. At your disposal you may have one-, two-, three, or four room rent apartment, which has a high quality fresh remodeling, and stylish furniture. Besides, the apartment is packed with all necessary multimedia and household appliances.

We are sure to satisfy all your wishes.

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