Rules of Daily Kiev Apartment for Rent: Part 2

The sixth rule is expiration of the Kiev apartment rent time

The question on the time of the rate, and termination of the apartment rent should be discussed with the owner beforehand. We would like to draw up special attention for the termination of rental relations. A representative of our company should be present, when the renter leaves the daily rent apartment. He/she will check the condition of the apartment, take the keys from the client, and prepare all renting documents, if necessary.

If the client needs, he/she may use the service of transfer, as the representative of our company may attend you to the train carriage or the plane ramp, helping you with boarding or entraining.

The seventh rule is preparation of documents

Any company, engaged in renting services,  like Kiev apartment for rent, must prepare necessary reporting documents in each specific case. It has certain duties in front of a tax inspection, and other governmental institutions. Standard document package for the service of “Kiev Apartment for Rent” includes the rental agreement, and a receipt. If necessary, the client may ask to make the act of transfer and acceptance with the description of condition of the rented apartment. The company has to provide such document upon the wish of the renter. The client should notify the company beforehand, which documents are necessary for him/her, because preparation of these documents may require certain time.

The eighth rule is non-cash payment

Sending the employees on business trips, companies use daily apartments for rent more often. Kiev apartment for rent may be located in any part of the city. The biggest demand is on the rent apartments, located in the center of the capital. We provide VIP and luxury class apartments for daily rent in Kiev for business visitors. In order not to burden the employees and the company itself with lots of paper relations, and necessity to deal with cash, enterprises and companies may use non-cash transactions. Practically all legal entities use this method of payment. Upon request of the client the company sends all necessary documents for the approval of the fact and conditions of service rendering, as well as bank details for non-cash payment.

The ninth rule is warranties for the quality of “Kiev apartment for rent”

Each earnest company, which is engaged in the services of Kiev apartment rent, should provide detailed pictures and video of its apartments, as well as their detailed description for the potential clients. Our website in particular has a very bright and convenient catalog of the apartments we offer, which are located in the best regions of the city. Everybody can find multiple feedbacks of our clients on the Web site, who were able to appreciate our services and advantages of collaboration with the company. There is also a procedure of on-line booking of the apartment you like, which includes partial prepayment. Therefore, the booked apartment will certainly wait patiently upon your arrival.

In some rare cases of faulty operation of communications, like water-supply or plumbing system, we may propose another apartment to the client, which is going to be of the same level of comfort and located in the same region of the city. If this situation occurs, our representative will get in touch with the client, who booked that apartment, and provide him/her other variants for the accommodation.

The tenth rule is safe staying in Kiev apartment for rent

Security agencies usually secure safety of guests in hotels. This makes the clients to use use various entrance tickets, access cards, and the like means of identification. And it creates discomfort for the guests of the capital, especially if the trip to Kiev is rather private. But there emerges a question of how safe the rent apartments in Kiev are. Large companies have an opportunity to guarantee absolute security of staying in the rented Kiev apartment to the renters. Our rent apartments are located in the very center of Kiev, where you can find lots of state institutions and successful and wealthy families of the capital. All apartments are equipped with security systems and armored entrance doors; and the houses, where the apartments are located, have doorphones and concierges.

The eleventh rule is pledge

Usually lessors trust the customers, but they want to secure their property from loss or destruction by unnecessary or accidental guests, thus, asking to show documents, certifying the person. All documents provided, including passport, need to be copied and stored in the company’s database. There are lessors, who ask to leave your passport for the time of the whole stay in the apartment. This is the sign of dishonest and unconfident lessor, besides, it is illegal juridically. You need to think very hard before trying the service “Kiev apartment for rent” in such companies.

You should to be ready that the lessor may ask you to deposit a certain amount of pledge in order to get warranty of possible damage recovery. Our regular and trusted clients do not have to deposit a pledge.