Rules of Daily Kiev Apartment for Rent: Part 1

In case you decide to use daily apartment rent while staying in Kiev, you should get to know some nuances, associated with services of “Kiev apartment for rent”. There are some simple rules for rent of apartment in Kiev, used by most of professional companies, engaged in the apartment rental service.

The first rule is the principle of price formation

What is the principle of payment for the daily Kiev apartment for rent by a client?

Any guest, visiting the Ukrainian capital for several days, will surely have a question of accommodation in Kiev. In case you have decided to avoid staying in a hotel, but already arranged to rent an apartment, your next question to solve is the question of accommodation.

Usually, daily Kiev apartment rent is performed by one person, or a group of people, accompanying the client in the trip. As a rule, the apartment for rent is provided regardless of the number of people staying there. In such a case clients should solve the question on how to share the rent payment with each other, so that the payment is made by one person or several people together.

The question on the number of staying guests should be discussed with the lessor beforehand. In this case the company provides an apartment with the specified number of places for staying, which is one of the main advantages of the service “Kiev apartment for rent”.

The second rule is advance reservation

When going to the trip, prudent people should take care of their accommodation beforehand. If you turn to professionals for help with the accommodation, it will not be a problem to book an apartment in Kiev beforehand. On-line booking is the most convenient way for that. Such service is provided by our company. Despite of the way of booking an apartment, we will provide you the apartment you have chosen in the catalog. For granting the ordered service receipt of “daily apartment rent in Kiev”, usually the prepayment is made by the client for the first day of stay in the apartment. If the guest of the capital has business partners in Kiev, or has an agreement with another company on the sightseeing service provision, the prepayment for the apartment rent may be made by that company. They just need to visit the office of the company-lessor, and leave a prepayment in cash. If direct contact for cash payment is impossible, the prepayment may be performed using such payment methods as wire transfer, electronic payment (like Web Money), instant money transfer, including Western Union, etc.

At the final settlement the prepayment amount is always considered.

The third rule is moving into Kiev apartment for rent

If you decide to rent a daily apartment in Kiev, you will certainly wonder how to find and get to this rented apartment. Many Kiev companies provide transfer services for this purpose. Collaborating with our company, you avoid this problem as such. Our tactful and attentive employee will meet you at the station or the airport at the time, as agreed beforehand, and transport you to the accommodation place. He/she will give you the keys from the rented apartment upon your arrival, and, if necessary, any documents for your business reports. If you stayed in the rented apartment several times, and know how to get there on your own, the employee of our company will meet you in a specified place at the previously arranged time, and give you the apartment keys.

The fourth rule is the principle of payment for Kiev apartment for rent in Kiev

Payment for a daily apartment in Kiev is performed like in hotels: the starting point of the rent start is a certain time of the day. Our company considers the new period as 12 a.m. of one day till 12 a.m. of the following day. If the client does not free the apartment until the specified time, he/she should pay additional fee, equal to half of the daily apartment rent rate. Every case is considered individually, and in some cases the additional payment may be canceled.

Such a discount is normally given in case we deal with our regular customer, or if the customer is new, but rents the apartment on a long-term basis.

The fifth rule is taking Kiev apartment for rent for several hours

If you are a transit traveler in the capital, and want to have some rest from traveling in the apartment for several hours, you may also rent an apartment, using our services. In this case the Kiev apartment for rent is provided on the principles of daily rent. In every case the question of payment for the rented apartment is discussed individually, and depends upon the demand for the exact apartment at the time of rent. In any case the client should be ready to pay for the apartment not less than half of the sum of the daily apartment rate.