Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev: Factors, Affecting the Increase of the Value of the Rent in Kiev

Prior to answering the question, we need to understand what may affect the price of daily apartment rent in Kiev. The price depends upon various factors, including the apartment location and its condition.

Our company has been working on the rental market for over 10 years already. Thus, all nuances of this business are known to us. We provide one-, two-, three-, and four-room rent apartments, located in business and historical parts of the capital, for our clients. All our apartments belong to luxury class. However, the rate of rent apartments in Kiev is considerably lower than of the similar hotel rooms. Rent the apartment with us and you will pay not for the number of guests staying there, as the hotels usually do, but for the apartment itself. Our apartments satisfy any requirements, even the most sophisticated ones. We are able to provide you accommodation in the regions, closest to the main streets of the capital: Sophia Square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and Khreschatyk. Such location will be in favor of both tourists and business people, as the largest office centers and bank institutions are located here.

The rent rate of rent apartments in Kiev directly depends on the condition of the house, where they are situated. Our agency may provide a luxurious apartment both in a new penthouse, and in an old “Khruschev-era” house The rate of apartment for rent in the center of Kiev may be the same as in the apartment in the new building, but you should understand what conditions may be not the same there. The rent rate in new or restored houses, having some historical value, will be a bit higher. If it is not so crucial for you, we may propose luxury apartment in the royal house, which is fully refurbished.

Very often the rent rate depends on the length of staying in the apartment. Some apartment owners may find the method of renting an apartment very important. For example, you may get a discount for the preliminary reservation of the daily rent apartments in Kiev via the Internet

Lots of various factors may affect the rate of rent apartments in Kiev, which may be either reasonable or not very.

What reasons may affect the growth of the rate of daily rent apartments in Kiev?

We should emphasize that various factors may affect differently the price of the rent apartment. They may both increase the price of the meter of the living floor space, and make it very cheap rapidly. Nowadays clients set more and more requirements not only to the apartment itself, but consider the building, where the house is located, as well as the condition of the house inside and outside. Dirty and unrepaired house will not satisfy many people. About two thirds of clients will not even look at the most luxurious apartment, if they see dirty and poor riser of blocks. Lots of people would prefer to see a repaired house even with live flowers at the windows.

New apartment houses of bearing-wall construction, as well as monolithic brick construction are highly demanded at the market now. Interior design of the apartment for rent is paid special attention. There are various requirements. Someone will be glad to see the apartment with fresh simple interior design without special luxury; while someone will only need the apartment, which has fresh author’s design, creating convenient and pleasant atmosphere.

The difference in the rent rate may be very significant, if to compare the apartment with European-style remodeling or the apartment without interior design at all. So you need not only to consider your preferences, but your financial position as well. The value of a square meter in Kiev is not so cheap; therefore clients want to pay for the comfortable accommodation with all necessary appliances and furniture.

Nowadays the so called apartment-studios are highly popular with their large and light windows and spacious living rooms. Author’s interior design, presence of ultramodern multimedia and household appliances, a bathroom, packed with all contemporary things, also contribute to the increase of the rent rate of the daily rent apartments in Kiev.

Presence of parking near the house and a high-speed Internet in the apartment play an important role for the choice of apartment. Internet allows to solve various problems, save money on cellular or long distance communication, as well as a good way for entertainment. Parking will save worries of the renter, who has a car. Therefore, most of our clients prefer these apartments with facilities. Although parking and Internet are very important factors for renters, they do not affect the rate of rent apartments in Kiev greatly.

And now we would like to give you several small, but very important pieces of advice. There are lots of people, who want to provide accommodation for renting. These are old ladies at the stations, real-estate agencies, and newswires. They will provide lots of proposals to you, among which you may find super attractive ones. But you should think hard on the great number of hidden rocks, which are revealed in our articles, prior to taking the right decision. It is better to turn to professionals for help and save your time, energy, nerves, and, eventually, money.

If you do not plan to have a long tiresome hunting for an apartment for daily rent in Kiev, you are welcome to us. We only need several minutes to select a variant suitable for you, and you will be glad with that choice.