Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev: What Season is the Most Favorable for It?

There is a stable belief that rate of rent apartments in Kiev is increased in fall, and significantly decreased in winter. Let us try to investigate this fact on our own.


Every person, who has ever tried using the service “daily rent apartments in Kiev” in fall time, knows, which difficulties it is possible to encounter while solving this problem. It is usually the time of the year, which is made worse with the growth of the rent rates. Lots of people want to rent apartments nearly at every house, so it is often impossible even to have a detailed look at the apartment for daily rent.

But why does this “fall boom” emerge? Causers of  the fact that daily rent apartments in Kiev are so popular during this time of a year, are mainly students, as the market investigation shows. The highest commotion around Kiev apartments for rent usually appears during end-of-semester exams, which takes place in the beginning or in the middle of fall. As a rule, modern students are not as poor they used to be, and they try to find a more comfortable accommodation, situated in center of Kiev, while staying in Kiev. Economy class accommodation is also highly demanded, although, its rates are not always “economic” at all. Very often the rent rate of such apartments is not less than of luxury apartments.

One room-studio, as well as two room rent apartments in Kiev, gain increased popularity in fall. Freshly decorated rent apartments in Kiev with European-style remodeling, and rented for the first time, do not stay vacant long, and find their first clients very quickly. When choosing such apartment, you will always have an opportunity to have a look at it without haste and much turmoil.


Spring is the best season for long term rent, as it is a real out-of-season time. During this period of time there are no big shifts between demand and supply, so you always have an opportunity to have a look at Kiev apartment rental without haste and much turmoil.

As for the daily apartment rent, the situation is completely different. Spring is the time when lots of tourists come to Kiev; among them there are not only Ukrainians, but also lots of foreign visitors of the Ukrainian capital. Advantages of daily apartment rate are obvious, and not everybody can pay for the hotel room in Kiev. Therefore, rent for daily rent apartments in Kiev is increased at this time, but it causes no problem at all. This is the time, when it is better to book a daily rent apartment beforehand, at least 2-3 weeks prior to the trip.

If to take into consideration the rent rate of daily rent apartments in Kiev from the company “Luxury Apartments”, it has always been and remains affordable for all categories of our clients any time of the day or night during the whole year.


Summer is a hot season for vocations, weekend houses, gardening, and the sea, of course. During this time people wish to spend their vacations in the nature’s lap, somewhere at the sea, river, or lake, away from the city turmoil. Therefore, people are looking for country houses, holiday cottages, and mansions at this time.

Business world also survives some inactivity, it is not complete “drowsiness” though. Kiev has always had something to show any time of the year, and tourists from all over the world still come in summer. In such a way, Kiev apartment rental could not have come at a better time for them. Luxury apartments in the center of ancient capital are among the main places of interest, and will be especially admired by those visitors, who value the history of ancient Kiev, as well as by people, who look for the humming life of the capital. Such convenient location of our rent apartments allows to save lots of time and money for tourists, because they are located in the walking distance to the main places of interest, monuments, and recreational areas.


In winter lots of people prefer to spend Christmas holidays at home, especially foreigners, who wish to keep their national traditions.

Anyway, Kiev does not feel the lack of visitors in winter, despite of the fact that winter is not the best time for traveling. At this time of the year supply usually exceeds the demand, but it is not so easy to find a really nice apartment for daily rent in Kiev, which has a “pleasant” rent rate as well.

We offer luxury daily rent apartments in Kiev at the price, which is affordable to a wide range of clients. We never hold up prices, because we rent out only our own apartments, and know the rent rates in Kiev very well.

All our apartments have excellent interior design, picturesque views out of the windows, which face the most important beautiful places of ancient part of Kiev, and are located in the best parts of the city. As we can see, the rate for rent apartments in Kiev does not depend upon the season much. If you want to save on the apartment rent rate on the arrival in Kiev, you should turn to professionals only.

Together with daily rent Kiev apartment rental, we provide a wide range of additional services, the cost and quality of which may surprise and please you greatly.

You should not waste your time, just call us right now! We provide the “tastiest” rent rates for you!