Daily Rent Apartment in Kiev or a Hotel: What to Choose?

People, who got used to classical hotel service, as well as various skeptics, spread various misguiding thinking and false rumors around the apartment rent. All these rumors and gossips may lead to wrong conclusions in the person, who knows nothing. Rent apartment in Kiev is uncomfortable, dangerous, and rather expensive, like everything, connected with real estate. A person may think that only various problems surround this sphere. Rent apartment in Kiev often has a lack of furniture and luxury…The service is absent, so any technical or household problem becomes a real turmoil for the renter…You need to take bathing accessories and towels with you…As for the apartment interior design, one may even hardly ask about it, because nobody remembers when the repair was performed last. This is a common opinion of people, who have never rented a daily rent apartment in Kiev on their own. If you listen to this opinion, you will have no desire to rent an apartment at all. However it is all incompetent misguiding thinking, which is very far from a real state of things, and it will still be misguiding thinking.

We should admit that there are less people, who want to rent an apartment rather than to stay in a hotel room. So it is a mere hold-over, preserved from the Soviet era.

However stereotypes are defied with time, and guests of the Ukrainian capital gradually and steadily come to the opinion that renting an apartment in Kiev is a very good variant, which is even better in various characteristics than staying in hotels. Often people may not find proper accommodation (or none at all), thus, a heaven-sent-idea comes out. Why not to try renting a daily rent apartment in Kiev? Very often this idea is the result of somebody’s advice or the overseen advertisement.

Homely comfort may greatly improve the impression on your trip. Think about it every time you plan a trip to Kiev. In comparison with the previous years of chaos ruling at the apartment rent market, now this sphere is a real business with well-developed professional servicing; and it is not a problem at all to rent Kiev apartment for daily rent.

Experienced managers constantly check the quality of services provided, technical condition, and home decor of every daily rent apartment in Kiev. Every lessor takes care of his/her clients, and convenience of their accommodation. We have all necessary permissions and licenses; all financial transactions are conducted strictly via cash register. Our renters are legally protected and have no financial risk exposure.

Rent apartment in Kiev for daily rent is not a hotel room at all. It does not create an impression of “artificial comfort” or a public place. There are no strange people in the hall, like in hotels, which halls carry no pleasant thoughts. Daily rent apartments in Kiev have separate kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, modern bathrooms, as well as a full set of multimedia and household appliances.

Some words about household appliances. Besides a standard set of a cooker and a refrigerator, which are indispensable for the man of the twenty first century, every kitchen is equipped with a coffee making machine, a toaster, and a microwave oven. The bathroom has a washing machine. Having a washing machine in the apartment means that you are not limited in time and quantity of washing. And it is certainly better than the laundry service, where you have to pay money. Rooms usually include air conditioners and modern TV sets.

There are also such facilities in any apartment for rent as cable television, a telephone, and high-speed Internet, which is of great importance for those visitors, who come on business, so that you always have an opportunity to get in touch with necessary people. Accordingly, technical facilities of any daily rent apartment in Kiev exceed technical facilities of any hotel room; and you should not think that it is really difficult to find an apartment with all those household appliances.

It will be as easy as an apple pie. All apartments, provided for daily rent, have a full set of all necessary options and services for easy and comfortable staying of any guest. It is a more difficult task to find an apartment for rent, where these facilities are not present at all. Our company includes representative from all spheres of household activities, which allows to eliminate various technical problems at the day of their emergence. Besides, towels and bed-linen are changed on the regular basis, and the rent apartment is carefully cleaned; therefore, the level of service here is not worse than in hotels.

A good comfortable apartment, temporarily provided for your accommodation with all its advantages and disadvantages, is daily rent apartment in Kiev. When you rent an apartment on the daily basis, you pay only for the floor space rent, but not for a number of sleeping places. One guest may stay alone in the rent apartment or with four people at once – the rent rate is not changed.

We should also emphasize that every consecutive day of the daily apartment rate is cheaper than the previous one. There are no hotels, which may provide flexible and favorable rent rates together with such facilities, offered by rent apartments in Kiev for daily rent.

Daily rent apartments in Kiev allow to accommodate our clients in the preferable parts of the capital, use the rented living space with comfort and convenience at their pleasure without any external obstacles, and have a free full rest there.

Demand on the daily rent apartments in Kiev is increasing consistently, and may even exceed the supply, which is no wonder, taking into account their comfort and convenience. If you plan to go to Kiev in future, you may see the advantages of daily rent apartments in Kiev yourself, as well as that the variant is much better than a hotel.