Daily Kiev Apartments for Rent: Carefulness is a Priority

Why should carefulness in such a question as daily rent apartment be the priority? Apartment renting is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, you should consider your financial possibilities first. And only after that you may determine the region of your desirable accommodation, requirements on the number of rooms (we offer luxury apartments Kiev, which have one, two, three, or four rooms), the class of furniture and presence of multimedia and World Wide Web. You may settle in after solving all these questions, because renting should be done in this order. But it is not always exactly like this.

It is a big mistake to think that daily Kiev apartments for rent are very expensive. When planning to go to a strange city (Kiev or some other city or town) to stay there for several days, always try to learn more information about daily rent market in this place. It will always help you save in comparison with renting a hotel room, because the hotel room is much more expensive. You should think of your desire concerning the location and quality of the apartment beforehand, but first you should take care of questions, concerning your safety.

It is not a secret that at present, as well as in not so distant 90-th, the condition of daily rent market is rather “spontaneous”. Of course, babushkas with signs “Cheap Accommodation” do not rule the market, as it used to be several years ago, but they are still present, and occupy a certain position in the market. Today daily rent apartment market is on a higher level, but the level of security is not so high. If to think hard, only one safety criterion of safety evaluation at the apartment rental (Kiev apartments for rent) is checking of apartment leasing companies for legal activity. Always ask the agency to provide its license document to you. And there appears another question, whether we can rely upon these documents. This question is very reasonable, because contemporary level of printing equipment is very high, which enables to fake any document, so that it is hard to tell the fake from the original even for the expert. In order not to burden yourself with bureaucratic carousel, we will show you how the process of daily apartment rent should look like in various cases in Kiev.

Variant two – “babushkas at the station”

At first sight it does not seem to be a bad variant. But you will not be protected legally when dealing with such a “babushka”. A babushka can really provide you a very cheap rate for her accommodation, but you never know how it will end eventually for you. It is rather possible that you will leave peacefully after staying at her apartment for the necessary time, and may even take her address for your future arrival. But the scenario may turn out to be completely different. It is quite possible that some “suddenly appeared” relative of babushka will make you leave the apartment. You will certainly lose the money, paid for the apartment, because you have no document, confirming your giving money to the owner of such Kiev apartments for rent.

Lots of old ladies want to keep a foot in both worlds – to rent out an apartment and to secure themselves from dishonest renters. Therefore, such babushka will either control you all the time or even sleep on the folding-bed in the apartment in order to have her finger on the pulse. If you do not find the idea of living together with an old lady nice, you will be asked to leave the apartment. It goes without saying that you will not get your money back in this case. In case you are tired, already unpacked all your things, and do not want to look for another apartment and put up with such “comfortable” conditions, you will not have good memories from your visit to Kiev.

Do not hurry to rub your hands if you avoid these “pleasant surprises”, you still may have problems with water supply, sewerage, electricity, and household appliances. If something is broken, you will have to repair it at your own costs. You will hardly be able to prove that problems with electricity or water supply are not your fault. Or again you will have to look for “Daily Kiev apartments for rent”, but you may have even less luck for the second time.

Variant two – newswire

You should be careful not to mix the newswire with a real estate agency, because they are completely different. Clients still try to avoid any companies, which have the word “agency” in its name. And all this is due to newswires, who hurt the reputation of real estate agencies. Be very careful. It is easy to determine the newswire on the following characteristics:

  • you are asked to sign an agreement, which mentions “information services”, and ask to pay at once for the “address of the apartment”, which is information services.
  • daily Kiev apartments for rent offer a wide range of rates and very often low prices. You will be asked to rent the only apartment at “incredibly low price”.
  • you will be sold the address of the apartment, but you will have to deal with the apartment owner on your own. In this case you pay to the agent for what he is not doing – negotiations with the owner and checking of ownership documents.

To sum up what has been said above, we may advise you not to deal with such “agencies”, if you do not wish to waste your efforts and nerves and be without any accommodation and money in a strange city. Only dealing with a normal agency you will get a full package of assistance at the choice of apartment, which will correspond to your financial possibilities and requirements, of the same level, as in hotels.

Variant three – managing company

There is no need to describe the whole range of advantages of managing company service, compared to other market operators. Let us mention only several of them.

  • Managing company does not depend on the misguided conditions of the apartment owner, because it is the owner of luxury apartments kiev itself.
  • Besides the service “daily Kiev apartments for rent”, such a company will provide the whole range of additional services, beginning from everyday apartment cleaning and finishing with the transfer service.
  • With us you only enjoy your staying in the capital and feel comfortable in our luxury apartments Kiev, while all household problems are solved by the managing company.