Renting of Apartments for rent in Kiev without Agents: Is it possible?

Daily apartments for rent in Kiev may certainly be found without agents. We should say that searching for an apartment without professional brokers from real-estate agencies is a very risky task. But you may save lots of money and find a good variant, if you know simple rules how to protect yourself against defrauders, though, you should have lots of patience in this case.

Internet search

Statistical data of Yandex search engine shows that “daily apartments for rent in Kiev” are searched daily by hundreds of visitors. Over 2,500 of people inquire for “apartments for rent in Kiev without agents”. At first sight all this is simple: you enter the Website, look through apartments, choose, and settle in. But it only seems so easy at first sight. The majority of message boards in the Internet have proposals of private brokers, real-estate agencies and defrauders. That is why it is very difficult to find a “fee free” apartment. Agencies, which give true information on their apartments in the Internet, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Half of all apartments for daily rent refer to a mere fake. Half of Kiev rent apartments at such networked resources is either already rented or is never rented. It is only done to attract clients with the supposed to be abundance of variants. Professionals remind you that good apartments for rent in Kiev are never rented at ridiculous prices. You need to keep it real.

Search for Kiev rent apartments with the help of groups in social networks or LiveJournal societies is more reliable. If you know nothing about how to use blogs, we recommend you looking through our catalog with luxury apartments for rent at our siteĀ or We provide only current valid variants in the catalog. The rate of our apartments for rent is considerably lower than the like hotel room, or the apartments, proposed by agencies, because we are not intermediaries.

Placement of advertisement on the search of apartment for rent in Kiev at various real estate sites gives good results, as well as the request for help with this problem among your network friends.

Search on paper sources

The search of Kiev rent apartment or the apartment in any another town or city is better to be started with friends and acquaintances, if any of them live there. Renting daily apartments for rent in Kiev “on recommendations” of the acquaintances is much safer in the majority of cases than renting from unknown owners. If there are no such acquaintances, it makes sense to turn to the printed information media.

Several newspapers are being issued in Kiev, which place advertisements on the rent of accommodation, including the daily Kiev rent.

There is also an old-fashioned method for the search of daily apartments for rent in Kiev. If you are not burdened with lots of luggage and have energy and time for such search, you may turn to old ladies (babushkas), sitting near every house. But you will save only little money, so such search is not worth spending your time. We should note that in this case you should be ready to total mistrust, because the majority of the apartment owners are afraid of fraud, and prefer to deal with agencies. In this case success mainly depends on your presentable appearance, as well as your negotiation skills.

Fee Free

Real estate market professionals do not recommend you to rent an apartment without real estate agencies. There is no matter, how long you are going to stay in the rent apartment. As a rule, visitors to Kiev, coming from other towns or cities, join the army of potential clients of fraudsters. Real estate agencies always draw up a rental agreement scrupulously, know the accommodation categories well, and may help to solve various household problems, thus helping to save your precious time, and nerves as well.

It goes without saying that you will have to pay for the work done by the agency. Lots of guests, visiting the Ukrainian capital, find this payment in the amount of several hundreds of hryvnas as rather problematic. The most communicative people make a deal with real-estate agencies for getting a discount. Usually most of companies are ready to make advances and provide a discount of 5-15% for their services. The most industrious renters try to make a deal without the agency. They look at the apartment but refuse to rent it (as if it does nor fit), and then try to speaks with the owner directly, without those agents-intermediaries. Such variants often occur at the rent of apartments in Kiev on the long-term basis, and are very rare with the daily apartment rent. A great role here belongs to trustworthiness of the renter, as well as his financial status.

Sometimes the agents themselves triy to bypass the official registration, i.e, they make an agreement with the renter on the payment of services in the amount, less than it is necessary, and pocket the whole amount. Such actions have a high risk of losing a job for the agent. Such accidents do not usually happen in large companies, as people value their professional reputation in the first place. If someone learns about these actions of the agent, the information is spread rapidly in professional circles. Eventually, the agent will not only lose the job, but also will not be able to find a job in a good company.

If you decide to find apartments for rent in Kiev without agents no matter what, you should follow some basic laws, which are as follows.

  • Never gave any money prior to looking at the rented apartment, conclusion of a rental agreement and getting the keys from the apartment.
  • Always demand documents from the ownership, confirming the ownership right on the rent apartment, and verify the data on the document the owner’s passport data.
  • Always notarize your rental agreement.

The company “Luxury Apartments” provides only comfortable accommodation, located in the very center of the capital, for the guests of Kiev, and the Kievers. Kiev rent rate of our apartments is considerably lower than in other companies, because these are our own apartments for rent. At renting apartments for rent in Kiev, we always conclude rental contracts with the provision of all necessary documents if it is necessary (for example, to people, traveling on business). Quality of our services will not leave you indifferent!