The Advantages Of RV Camping And How To Beat The Crowds To The Mountains

Many countries around the world give their workers 4 or 5 weeks per year of vacation time. In the US, however, most people are stuck getting just 2 or 3 weeks and then a few 3 day weekends added in. That makes getting out and seeing the sights a lot harder because you have so little time. One of the best time savers is to get yourself an RV, whether a small trailer or larger RV with its own engine, and that can be a huge time saver if you manage it correctly. Here are some great tips on taking the best advantage of your limited time off with RV camping taken from The RV Nomad website.

With An RV You Can Leave It Packed

With regular camping, including tents, sleeping bags, cook stoves, and food, you’ll have to spend nearly a whole day gathering up your gear, and getting everything packed and ready. The beauty of an RV is that you can leave most of everything in it all of the time so you don’t have to spend a lot of extra time packing.

Things like your canned goods, fried rice, pasta, peanut butter, and other packaged items are OK stored for a year in the cupboards, all you have to do is grab some food from your kitchen, throw it in the fridge and take off. That saves a ton of time getting ready. While guys with the tents are still packing, you’re already on the road headed out of town.

With an RV, you have your stove built-in, fridge already there, and your beds are part of the RV. If you keep your propane tanks full, you have almost nothing to do to get ready. When that three day weekend hits, you can even drive your RV to work, parking it in your regular spot, and jump in it and go straight from your job to the mountains. Everyone else has to go home and fill up their car with camping gear before hitting the road.

There Are RV Camping Groups That Save You Money

There are several different camping and RV clubs that you can join. What you have to do first is buy a membership in an RV park that is a member of Resort Parks International, Escapees RV Club, Thousand Trails, or Good Sam’s camping clubs. Then you can usually make a reservation in advance to make sure you have a place to stay when you get there. These clubs typically have more amenities, cleaner bathrooms, nicer camp spots, and better clientele. Since they are memberships, the people that use them are more careful about how they act so that they don’t lose their privileges. Plus most of these RV clubs offer great rates for full-time Rv’ers that want to travel all year round.

When looking at buying one of these memberships, check online to see if you can buy one used from another member. They sometimes sell for about 10% of their normal retail value when purchased second hand. Many times it doesn’t matter where your home park is since all you really want to do is visit all of the affiliated parks all around the country. In that case, just find a park that is an affiliate with one of the large groups that have a cheap entrance fee, then buy into the affiliated group. That’s the cheap way to get your RV camping membership and then do all of the camping you have time for every single weekend.

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