News about Kiev apartment rental

Rent Apartment in Kiev: is Bargaining Appropriate?
You could not even dream of getting a discount some months ago. But now the situation at the real estate market is completely different, and it is not a problem at all to make a deal with the apartment owner … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev as a Good Alternative to Kiev Hotels
At present guests of the capital, especially foreign visitors, prefer luxurious apartments at Khreschatyk and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, which have author’s design, two bathrooms, equipped with up-to-date multimedia and household appliances, and furnished with stylish and comfortable new furniture. A differential … Continue reading
Where to go in Kiev?
Kiev refers to be one of the most ancient Slavonic cities. Therefore, it has always attracted lots of tourists from all over the world. It keeps lots of ancient and mysterious things for its guests, interested in ancient history and … Continue reading
Luxury Apartments Kiev for Your Parties
Very often it happens that both the Kievers and the visitors of the capital need to rent a place for celebration of a various holidays like birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and New Year parties. It is an old tradition to celebrate … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev: What Season is the Most Favorable for It?
There is a stable belief that rate of rent apartments in Kiev is increased in fall, and significantly decreased in winter. Let us try to investigate this fact on our own. Fall Every person, who has ever tried using the … Continue reading
Daily Apartment Rent in Kiev is your Reliable and Affordable Comfort
It will not be that hard to rent an apartment for daily rent in Kiev, especially if it is your second or more visit of the capital. First time visitors of Kiev usually make lots of mistakes and complicate their … Continue reading
Daily Kiev Apartment Rental for Euro 2012
In two weeks we will meet March, and this means that about three months are left until European Football Championship 2012 (Euro 2012). Everyone is in expectation of this outstanding event at the moment. Euro 2012 is not only stadiums. … Continue reading
Rules of Daily Kiev Apartment for Rent: Part 1
In case you decide to use daily apartment rent while staying in Kiev, you should get to know some nuances, associated with services of “Kiev apartment for rent”. There are some simple rules for rent of apartment in Kiev, used … Continue reading
Rules of Daily Kiev Apartment for Rent: Part 2
The sixth rule is expiration of the Kiev apartment rent time The question on the time of the rate, and termination of the apartment rent should be discussed with the owner beforehand. We would like to draw up special attention … Continue reading
Daily Kiev Apartment Rental: Where to Find Accommodation in the Capital?
Kiev, with its pleasant and harmonious name, is really one of the largest and oldest main centers of Slavonic history, which is over 1,500 years old. Ancient legend tells that the founders of Kiev were brothers Kyi, Schek, and Khoriv, … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartment in Kiev or a Hotel: What to Choose?
People, who got used to classical hotel service, as well as various skeptics, spread various misguiding thinking and false rumors around the apartment rent. All these rumors and gossips may lead to wrong conclusions in the person, who knows nothing. … Continue reading
Apartments for Rent in Kiev Center – Advantages of Choice
1. Rent Apartments Kiev have a very broad choice. The best choice for the visiting guests is apartments for rent in Kiev. Daily rent accommodation will prevent unnecessary worry and allow getting full satisfaction from rest, as well as will … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev
Lots of people, visiting Kiev for business matter, or to have rest, prefer to rent daily rent apartments in Kiev. Just as many years ago, guests of the capital prefer to rent apartments for daily rent, despite of the fact … Continue reading
Kiev Apartment for Rent in Kiev as a Possibility of Staying in the Capital with the Maximum Comfort Level
Daily apartment rental in Ukraine is still a young, but rapidly developing segment of hospitality industry. For the past years it has become a civilized business from the market of babushkas at the stations. Currently, there are hundreds of serviced … Continue reading
Everything you Wanted to Know on the Daily Rent Apartment Kiev
We usually take a lot of necessary things for any trip. But nobody could even imagine until recent time that it is possible to take an apartment, too. We are not joking, and you heard it right, you may take … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev: Permissions and Prohibitions
People, who never traveled to a strange city or town and those, who understand nothing in renting of apartments on daily basis, usually have a false opinion that such apartment is not necessary. They think that it is much better … Continue reading
Daily Kiev Apartments for Rent: Carefulness is a Priority
Why should carefulness in such a question as daily rent apartment be the priority? Apartment renting is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, you should consider your financial possibilities first. And only after that you may determine the region of your … Continue reading
Daily Rent Apartments in Kiev: Factors, Affecting the Increase of the Value of the Rent in Kiev
Prior to answering the question, we need to understand what may affect the price of daily apartment rent in Kiev. The price depends upon various factors, including the apartment location and its condition. Our company has been working on the … Continue reading
Renting of Apartments for rent in Kiev without Agents: Is it possible?
Daily apartments for rent in Kiev may certainly be found without agents. We should say that searching for an apartment without professional brokers from real-estate agencies is a very risky task. But you may save lots of money and find … Continue reading
Why is it More Preferable to Rent an Apartment in Kiev for Daily Rent Even for Wealthy People?
Apartment in Kiev for rent is always a load for your budget, but even despite this fact there are more and more people, who wish to rent an apartment in Kiev. Moreover, renters are interested in temporary accommodation in all … Continue reading